Chapter 4: How to Point and Laugh at Irrational Nonsense
Chapter 5: Diagnosis
Chapter 6: Alien Abductions and Cystoscopies
Chapter 7Merry Christmas
Chapter 8: Radical Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
Chapter 9: New Year's Eve Micturitions
Chapter 10Stanley Kubrick and Dad's Army
Chapter 11The Vinyl Countdown
Chapter 12: A New Job and a New Hope
Chapter 13: The Wayfarer's Walk With One Kidney (Part 1)
Chapter 14: Durham Regatta and the Pros and Cons of Headbanging
Chapter 15: Buggering Arseholes
Chapter 16: Put Your Affairs In Order
Chapter 17: The Ladybird Book of Extremely Tedious Oncological Platitudes
Chapter 18: Clinical Trial
Chapter 19: Chemotherapy - Week 1
Chapter 20: Salisbury General Again
Chapter 21: The S.O.S. Club
Chapter 22: Have You Emptied Your Bowels This Morning Mr.Jago?
Chapter 23: The Visitors
Chapter 24: iPhone 7 Plus 256gb
Chapter 25: The Wayfarer's Walk With One Kidney (Part 2)
Chapter 26: Conference Season
Chapter 27: Drumsticks
Chapter 28: The University Grand Tour
Chapter 29: Lung Drain (#1)
Chapter 30: Some Thoughts On Death
Chapter 31: A Wee Dram On The Beach
Chapter 32: Whitby Wheezing
Chapter 33: Lung Drain (#2)
Chapter 34: Lindisfarne
Chapter 35: Lung Drain (#3) & Pleurodesis
Chapter 36: Immunotherapy Treatment
Chapter 39: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Chapter 40: Happiness and Concordant Coastlines
Chapter 41: In Which I Miraculously Rise Up Out Of My Wheelchair and Shake Hands With Scrooge McDuck
Chapter 42: Come In Number 51 (Your Time Is Up)
Chapter 43: We're Going On A Cancer Hunt
Chapter 44: What Has Cancer Ever Done For Me?
Chapter 45: Now What?
Chapter 46: Just Say Yes
Chapter 47: Graduration Thread
Chapter 48: The Ten Best Decisions I have Made in Life
Chapter 49: Celebrity Cancer Deaths
Chapter 50: Sunday Morning in December
Chapter 51: Wilbert, Cara, Jasper and Stanley

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